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AMsterdam, netherlands

Netherlands Country: Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Population: 742,951 (2005)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro
Area Code: +31 (Netherlands) & 20 (Amsterdam)

Travel Information

Recommended Hostel Recommended Sights
General Phrases
None Van Gough Museum
Anne Frank House
Red Light District
Dam Square
Hello = Hallo
Goodbye = Vaarwel/Adieu
Please = alsjeblieft/wees zo goed/ alstublieft
Thank You = Dank/Dankzegging
1 = Men
2 = Twee
3 = Drie
4 = Vier
5 = Vijf
6 = Zes
7 = Zeven
8 = Acht
9 = Negen
10 = Tien


Budget Tips
1) Without question, the best and most cost efficient mode of transport in Mother Earth's ultimate city of sin is the trustworthy push-bike. Spend €7 on a day's bike rental and it will be the best €7 you will spend in the Dutch capital.

2) Leidseplein is a good area to go. There are some very good Irish bars here like "Hoopman", "Dan Murphy's", "Hole in the Wall" & "Reijnders". So if you are longing for a REAL Irish breakfast, you won't go too wrong here.

3) What can I say about the Cáfes...get your ass in there. And remember, "I don't want you smokin' my shit, drinking my shit & if you bring any of those hoes up in here...I gotta F*ck them first" :-)


Fountain at night Me & a small van Fountain at day Canal Irish bar & canal
Rijkmuseum & pond Amsterdam sign Van Gogh Museum Entrance to Rijkmuseum Canal
Classic!!! Matt & Anne Frank Me & Ann Frank Anne Frank House Crazy man!!!
A Pissy rainy day! Now that's Magic Irish Pub Fucking Classic :-D Another fucking Classic :-D