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BErlin, Germany

Germany Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Population: 3,398,205 (2006)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: German
Currency: Euro
Area Code: +49 (German) & 030 (Berlin)

Travel Information

Recommended Hostel Recommended Sights
General Phrases
None Brandenburger Gate
Berlin Wall
"Place of Remembrance"
Checkpoint Charlie
Neue Wache
Alexanderplatz, etc, etc, etc
Hello = Hallo
Goodbye = Auf Wiedersehen
Please = Bitte
Thanks = Danke
1 = Ein
2 = Zwei
3 = Drei
4 = Vier
5 = Fünf
6 = Sechs
7 = Sieben
8 = Acht
9 = Neun
10 = Zehn


Budget Tips
1) Go on the "New Berlin FREE walking tours". It takes between 3-4 hours and is definifetly worth every minute. You see all the main sights in Berlin and get a bit of history thrown in for fun. Oh and don't go on the pub crawl if you go on the 4pm walking tour....Its SHIT!!! Just go and find pubs to drink in yourself.

2) For a bird's eye view of Berlin, visit the roof terrace of the Reichstag which offers breathtaking views of the city. Admission is absolutely free!

3) When travelling on the Metro, just but a day pass. Its worth every penny. You pay €6 for all 3 Zones (Zones ABC)


Hostel room Giant boots House of Parliment Greenman Redman
Protestant Church Nite Nite :-) Brandenberg gate Wot the hell??? Monument to the Jews
Berlin Wall Checkpoint Charlie Free Berlin Tour Compartment underground Stacks of Books - Famous Authors
Nite out after free Berlin tour Hotel Adlon - Michael Jackson's baby incident Brandenburger Gate Berllin Wall 1961 - 1989 View of Berlin