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BUdapest, hungary

Hungary Country: Hungary
City: Budapest
Population: 1,695,000 (2006)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint (HUF)
Area Code: +36 (Hungary) & 01 (Budapest)

Travel Information

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General Phrases
None Central Market Hall
The Central Synagogue
Church of St. Anne
City Park
Hello = Jó napot/Szia(Hi)
Goodbye = Viszontlátásra
Please = Kérem
Thanks = Köszönöm
1 = Egy
2 = Kettö
3 = Három
4 = Négy
5 = öt
6 = Hat
7 = Hét
8 = Nyolc
9 = Kilenc
10 = Tíz




Budget Tips
1) Save money at Budapest's baths Entrance to Budapest's baths can cost anything up to 2,500HUF. But in many baths (namely the Gellert Baths and Szechenyi Baths) you receive money back if you leave within a certain amount of time. So if you pay 2,300HUF into the Szechenyi Baths, leave within 2 hours and you will receive 700HUF on the way out. Simple!

2) Visit Budapest's free museums Budapest is brimming with museums, 21 one of which are free. This includes the Hungarian National Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts. If it's a rainy day and you're forints are running low they're the perfect place to retreat to.

3) Explore Margaret Island Found right in the middle of the Danube, Margaret Island is a 2.5km long island covered primarily by parkland. Jump aboard bus #26 outside Westend City Center, take the bus to the top of the island and wander the whole way back the tree−lined paths, passing thermal spas, landmark monuments and ancient ruins. The single journey will set you back just 170HUF.

4) The best view in Budapest - Gellert Hill As unforgettable as the views are from Fisherman's Bastion, the views from Gellert Hill are unrivalled and will take your breath away, day or night. The journey takes about 30 minutes on the way up, then ten on the way down. To get there take tram #49 to Móricz Zsigmond tér, then bus #27 to...well just ask the bus driver.

5) Visit Budapest's free churches Just as many of Budapest's museums are free, so too are many of its churches. This includes the city's best known place of worship St Stephen's Basilica, Cave Church on Gellert Hill, the Roman Catholic Parish Church on Church Hill and the Inner City Parish Church at Március 15. tér 2, the oldest building in Pest.


Rock 'n Roll Time Warp Weird Building Architecture View from St. Stephen's Basillica
Hand of St. Stephen St. Stephen's Basillica Milk anyone - its NICE! Electric wheely things Bridge over Danube river
"For Sale" bar Read the sign baby! the fonz Nice sitting room...for a bar! Can't beat literal translation
I met a nice family... The Turkish Bath House Inside the Bath House The attire for the bath house A Boat on the Danube river