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FLorence, Italy

Italy Country: Italy
City: Florence
Population: 366,488 (2006)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Area Code: +34 (Italy) & 055 (Florence)

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Siesta Hostel, Florence
Piazza Indipendenza, 15, Florence

Il Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore
Santo Spirito
Cappelle Medicee
Uffizi Gallery – Galleria degli Uffizi
Piazzale Michelangelo
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Budget Tips

1) People Watch in Florence's Squares Florence has large, classic Italian squares in abundance and they are great places to people watch. Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza di San Giovanni in the centre of the city are constantly buzzing, but the best place to sit down with an ice−cream and watch Florentine life go by is Piazza della Signoria.

Have that coffee standing up! If you stop in a café for a quick latté or espresso, make sure to drink it at the counter where it shouldn't cost more than €1. Take it outside to a table and you can add another €2 on top of that, just for sitting down!

3) Visit Florence's churches Most of Florence's churches are free to visit. The best known of these is Il Duomo but there are others. Chiesa di Santo Spirito in Piazza Santo Spirito is one of the city's most beautiful examples of Renaissance architecture while Chiesa Santa Maria dei Ricci off Via Calzaiuoli is small but extremely beautiful.

4) The best view in Florence - Located just 20 minutes walk from the Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo affords visitors the best views of Tuscany's capital. Every day hundreds converge on this large square to take in the vistas. The sunsets are unforgettable.

5) See the statue of David for free The heading here is slightly misleading. You can't see the real statue of David free, but you can save yourself €8 by just making your way to Piazza della Signoria or Piazzale Michelangelo. There are replicas in both. The statue in the former is similar to the original but the one in the latter is green.

6) Take a stroll up the River Arno There is always something going on either along or on the River Arno. Rowers row, footballers play football just under the Uffizi and, if you're into wildlife, you'll really enjoy watching the otters swim up and down the banks.


Duomo Duomo American Blues Guitarist Architecture
Architecture Me Hungry now!!! Big bus, Small bus A tiny bus :-D
Fountain Another Fountain - Nice Florence Castle Festa de L'Unita
Crazy small blue thingy! Another small thingy Led Zepplin cover band Zepplin Graffiti
Any familiar faces! Florence Sunset...courtesy of Monica :-)