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KRakow, poland

Poland Country: Poland
City: Krakow
Population: 757,500 (2004)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Polish
Currency: Polish zloty
Area Code: +48 (Poland) & 12 (Krakow)

Travel Information

Recommended Hostel Recommended Sights
General Phrases
None City Walls
Basillica of the Virgin Mary
Main Square Market
Wawel Castle
Auschwitz Death Camp
The Wieliczka Salt Mine
Hello = Dzien dobry
Goodbye = Do widzenia
Please = Prosze
Thank you = Dziekuje
1 = Jeden
2 = Dwa
3 = Trzy
4 = Cztery
5 = Piec
6 = Szesc
7 = Siedem
8 = Osiem
9 = Dziewiec
10 = Dziesiec


Budget Tips
1) For good food and for a resonable price go to a restaurant called the "Roosters", its just of 'Old Town' (the main square in Krakow). Lets just say that "Hooters" as nothing on this place :-D

2) For beer I would recommend buying beer in the supermakets, its very very cheap. "Tyskie" is one I would recommend. Buy some cans before you go out, the pubs and clubs can be expensive.

3) Beware that the pubs close early everyday. Most pubs will be closed by midnight, but you can go to night clubs till around 4 or 5am, but drink is more expensive in these places.

4) Plan to visit Auschwitz & the Saltmines when you are there. Plan to go early & if you have an inter-rail ticket you can use that to take the train to both places.

5) DON'T stay in The Strangers Hostel, unless you have problems with getting "rasson" on your fingers (fucking rasson man!) or like wearing your shorts below yor ass cheeks!!!


"Old Town" Church in "Old Town" Last standing Tower of Old Town wall Jesus on the Cross "Head" in the Old Town
He's enjoying his fag! Polish girl we meet Krakow streets a 5am "Old Town" at 5am Church in "Old Town"
Strangers Hostel... Same guy from London Krakow Castle River beside Krakow Castle Building inside Krakow Castle
Horse man on Krakow Castle Church in "Old Town" Old Gypsy Woman Heineken in "Old Town" Stairway to Heaven - Polish stlye