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MIlan, italy

Italy Country: Italy
City: Milan
Population: 1,308,735 (2006)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1 )
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Area Code: +34 (Italy) & 02 (Milan)

Travel Information

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General Phrases
None Duomo (Cathedral)
Santa Maria delle Grazie
Basillica di Sant'Ambrogio
Hello = Ciao
Goodbye = Arrivederci/Ciao
Please = Per Favore
Thanks = Grazie
1 = Uno
2 = Due
3 = Tre
4 = Quattro
5 = Cinque
6 = Sei
7 = Sette
8 = Otto
9 = Nove
10 = Dieci


Budget Tips
1) The Castello Sofrzesco, an easy walk from the Duomo, was largely rebuilt during the 19th-century, so there is little left of the original medieval structure, but it now hosts an array of exhibitions. All of these can be visited for as little as three euros per person, under-18s get in free.

2) When visiting the Duomo, rather than getting the lift to the top take the stairs. Not only will you get a good bit of exercise, but you'll save yourself a couple of euro in the process


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