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PRague, czech rep

Czech rep Country: Czech Rep
City: Prague
Population: 1,183,729 (2006)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Czech
Currency: Czech Koruna
Area Code: +420 (Czech Rep) & 02 (Prague)

Travel Information

Recommended Hostel Recommended Sights
General Phrases
None Prague Castle
Charles Bridge
Old Town Square
St Nicholas Church
Petrín Hill & Observation Tower
Hello = Dobrý den
Goodbye = Na shledanou
Please = Prosím
Thanks = Dekuji
1 = Jeden
2 = Dva
3 = Tri
4 = Ctyri
5 = Pet
6 = Sest
7 = Sedm
8 = Osm
9 = Devet
10 = Deset



Budget Tips
1) Buy day/multi−tickets for public transport As enjoyable as it is to roam the cobbled streets of the Old Town and cross Charles Bridge to the sound of buskers, at some stage you may need to utilise Prague's public transport. When you do, buy day/multi−tickets. A day−long ticket costs 70Kc, and a 3−day ticket will set you back 200Kc.

2) Visit a museum for free Some of Prague's main museums are free on certain days. This includes the National Museum on the first Monday of every month, most of the main galleries on the first Tuesday of every month, and the Prague City Museum on the first Thursday of every month.

3) Visit Valdstejnsky palac (Wallenstein Palace) If you're pockets are empty and you don’t know what to do you can visit this palace in the Lesser Town. Built between 1624 and 1630, twenty three houses, three gardens and a municipal brick kiln were raised to make way for the palace and its grounds. Open Sat & Sun 10am−4pm (last entrance 3.40pm); admission free.

4) The Bells! The Bells! - Every hour from morning until night, hundreds gather at the astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square for the 'Procession of the Apostles'. Lasting five minutes, this 'procession' sees the 12 apostles nod as they pass over the clock on the hour as a bell rings somewhat morbidly.

5) Visit Prague Castle Even though it is the Czech capital's number one attraction, you don't actually need to pay in to the castle. To walk around the grounds, and even into St Vitus Cathedral is free. If you do visit the castle try not to miss the changing of the guard which takes place on the hour.


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