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ROme, italy

Italy Country: Italy
City: Rome
Population: 2,547,677 (2006)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Area Code: +39 (Italy) & 06 (Rome)

Travel Information

Recommended Hostel Recommended Sights
General Phrases
None Vatican Museum
St. Peter's Basilica
Trevi Fountain (beautiful at night)
Spanish Steps
Hello = Ciao
Goodbye = Arrivederci/Ciao
Please = Per Favore
Thanks = Grazie
1 = Uno
2 = Due
3 = Tre
4 = Quattro
5 = Cinque
6 = Sei
7 = Sette
8 = Otto
9 = Nove
10 = Dieci




Budget Tips
1) Ask are there any extra costs before ordering Restaurants in Rome are well−known for their top−quality food. But many have hidden costs that English speaking tourists are unaware of. Before sitting down and ordering your food, ask if there is a cover charge or service charge. If you don't, what you might think is a €7 bill could be increased to a €10 bill, so make sure to ask the waiter first of all.

2) Stroll through the Roman Forum - You have to pay to visit the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Circus Maximus. But you can walk through the Roman Forum which was the heart of the city’s commercial, political and social goings−on thousands of years ago for free. To imagine what it was like here in the height of ancient Rome you really have to open your mind as it hasn’t been preserved as well as the Colosseum, but still shouldn’t be missed on any visit to the Italian capital.

3) Catch a sunset from Gianicolo Hill If you make your way to Gianicolo Hill, not only can you enjoy out one of the best vistas of the city, but leave your visit until the evening and you can witness a sunset which will take your breath away.

4) Get into the Vatican Museum for free No, I’m not trying to instigate a revolt against admission charges into the Vatican’s number one tourist attraction! I'm just letting you know that if you happen to be in Rome on the last Sunday of the month you can save yourself €12 as this is when one of Rome's number one attractions is free. Get there early though.

5) Visit Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele This unmissable, imposing, white marble building beside the Roman Forum is fastly becoming one of Rome's best known landmarks. Not liked by many locals as it looks so new beside so many ancient buildings, there is a museum inside which is free of charge. Open daily from 9am−5pm.


View from 1st hostel Irish guy from Cavan Canada meets Mexico Howra boys!!! Garden inside the Vatican
Hall inside the Vatican St. Peter's Basillica St. Peter's Basillica St. Peter's Basillica & me :-) Tim, Jason, Matt
The Irish Lads from Dublin & Donegal Architecture @ night Julie, Tim, Matt, Monica The Colosseum Ruins of Rome
Nice!!! The Spanish Steps Only Me :-D Trevi Fountain "The Meeting Point"