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VEnice, italy

Italy Country: Italy
City: Venice
Population: 271,251 (2004)
Time Zone: CET (GMT+1)
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Area Code: +34 (Italy) & 041 (Venice)

Travel Information

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General Phrases

St. Marks Square
St. Marks Basillica
Doge's Palace and Bell Tower
Rialto Bridge
Narrow streets - an experience!!!

Hello = Ciao
Goodbye = Arrivederci/Ciao
Please = Per Favore
Thanks = Grazie
1 = Uno
2 = Due
3 = Tre
4 = Quattro
5 = Cinque
6 = Sei
7 = Sette
8 = Otto
9 = Nove
10 = Dieci


Budget Tips
1) Allow time to walk aimlessly. Walking tours cost nothing, and often turn up the most memorable places in a city like Venice

2) Due to the amount of walking required from you in Venice, a large bottle of water will be attached to your hand for the most part of your days there. Rather than throw them away, bring them to one of the numerous wine shops around the city where you can get them filled with sumptuous wine for as little as €2.10 per litre. You'll find them on Campo Santa Margherita, Fondamenta dei Ormeisini and Calle de la Bissa, just minutes from Rialto Bridge.

3) The area around the Rialto is the best place to eat in, away from the tourist menu of the restaurants in the central areas. The most tempting food shops and bars are here. Cantina Do Mori is a city legend, dark and secret. It serves the best cichetti, a bit like Spanish Tapas, and cheap wine that is drunk by the market traders. Eat in this area and it’s unlikely that you will go hungry or be disappointed.


Bridge Donuts Guinness - Irish Bar Canal
Beer Delivery Canal & Gondola Lane way Square
Church off St. Marc's square Feeding the Pigeons St. Marc's Square Gondolas
Bridge Ireland Sticker Water right to your door! Tim & Matt WET!!!
Some Expensive Shit! Longer is better Network TIM - Coz it's the best View from train from Venice-to-Milan